Femmesplaining Episode 1: The Vagina

Here is the first podcast of Femmesplaining! And by podcast, I of course just mean a conversation that I recorded with my friend Carrie in my living room while sitting on my couch. Listen, cringe, cry, hate it, love it, start a revolution, become a better person.


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  1. Barbie

    This just made me miss you and want to sit in a room with both of you and talk about vaginas. Some thoughts. First, sex ed at my high school consisted of having a lady come talk to us about how much she regretted her abortions, talking about stds and the only way to present them (abstinence, duh), and showing us a video about “the miracle of life.” Second, the crank you referred to is a speculum. God only knows how I retained that piece of information considering the sex ed I received.

    1. alalanews

      Your sex ed was really intense. We just talked about penises and took home fake babies…. DIDN’T YOU LOVE THE MIRACLE OF LIFE? And holy crap I will never forget the speculum again. Actually, Carrie remembered the name of it right after we stopped recording. Because that’s how life works. It kicks you in the crotch.

      I adore you, thank you for listening.

      1. Jacalyn

        More fantitscal finds, love the jump suit!! Also great to start day dreaming about next years festivals, even when its blowing a gale outside and you've got to put twenty layers on to feed the horses. Kat x

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