Planned Parenthood: Battle of the Babies

I also wanted to call this piece, “Why Arguing About Abortion Rights Allows Politicians to Fuck You (And Make You Keep the Baby),” but I thought that ran a little long.

As evidenced by my last post, I’m very tired of abortion.

I’m not tired of having them – god no – I’m just tired of hearing people argue against them. I think this whole abortion debate is a really unoriginal ruse to trick you into fighting for something you should have had to stop fighting for years ago, and in doing so prevents you from paying attention to the blatant wrongdoing across all other political avenues in America. Thus, arguing about the issue is akin to saying, “let me have access to reproductive health care and also it’s okay that you fucked me and my entire generation over financially with poor regulation and unnecessary defense spending!!!!”

But clearly these people won’t stop. So now we have to talk about abortion again.

Republicans in the House of Representatives officially voted to defund Planned Parenthood on Friday, a move that will more than likely be vetoed as it reaches the next steps, but sends a dangerous message and threat to America; specifically that the government will shut down unless Planned Parenthood disappears.

I think the message they are trying to send is, “we will stop at nothing to save innocent lives,” except that is sounds more like, “we will do whatever we want to get our way, even if it puts lives at risk.”

See that’s the problem with the whole “pro-life” movement; they seem to be really against people who are currently actually, fully, obviously, gratuitously, ostentatiously, believably, categorically, and statistically…. alive.

I find this sickly fascinating, but I kind of get it. Having grown up in and around born-again Christian and Orthodox circles, this whole debate is centered on the idea of being a heroic savior. It’s a similar deal with Kim Davis refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples where she believes she is acting out of love for someone’s eternal soul, rather than acting like a baby with a platform. This idea that they are saving someone or something (as I’m not sure we can call the baby a someone just yet) is all wrapped up in their hope that if they prevent you from accessing the abortion, they are really making it that much easier for them (and I guess you, too) to get into heaven.

It’s all about the reward. They are told from very early on not to connect too much with this world, as their world is elsewhere. How can you compete with that? Common sense can’t fight back against THAT. And it’s not supposed to. The system was designed this way – it is necessary for the continuation of the religion to make it seem like they are fighting for something otherworldly, otherwise they would take a look at their shitty lives and ask for something better right here and right now. Instead, let everyone suffer, because heaven is so much better than we can even imagine.

For those on the right who are not religious and STILL want to cut funding… well… that’s just because they hate women. Sorry, but you can’t love a woman and tell her that it would be better that she were dead, rather than perform a perfectly sound medical procedure. Allowing a preventable death because of your theoretical morality doesn’t mean you are a lifesaver, it means you hate women.

Because I know all this, I can’t argue with someone who thinks they are saving lives when they wish to defund a health care facility. It’s all so backwards and strangely narcissistic that it’s almost impossible to compete with.

The problem is that these people seem to be winning. And when stupid people win, it makes it really hard for regular, innocent people in need to be satisfied with knowing they are smarter than the stupid people.

Smug satisfaction doesn’t give you birth control and an HIV screening. Planned Parenthood does that.

I think it’s important to note that the majority of this debate is based off of misunderstanding and miseducation – because, as I said before, these people are stupid. Planned Parenthood cannot use federal funding for abortions. So when Republicans talk about their hatred for abortion and how terrible we will look to future generations for letting genocide continue, they are not attacking that practice when they threaten to take away federal funding. Side note: all candidates should investigate what genocide really is as it does not look like a pill given to a patient in a medical office in a consensual manner. What they are attacking when they threaten to defund the program is HIV and other STD screening, preventative services, access to birth control, cancer screenings, general gynecological and reproductive health visits, and more. That’s what the government is paying for and that is what some in the government are trying to stop. In doing so, they know that they will make it impossible for Planned Parenthood to stay open, which will stop the abortion services that they do offer (regardless of how they pay for it) from occurring.

It is SO important that they save these fetuses, that they are willing to allow HIV outbreaks. Take Indiana, for example. Scott County, which stripped funding from it’s one and only Planned Parenthood in 2013 (a site that did not even offer abortion services), has had an explosion in HIV positive cases. Planned Parenthood was the sole provider of HIV tests and, I assume, preventative services. Without these services, HIV cases have sky-rocketed.

But let’s just take them away from the whole country who because HIV is super fun now.

In similar idiotic fashion, the videos that Republicans keep referencing in debates that show Planned Parenthood doctors selling baby parts for money have all been proven to be doctored and misrepresentative of the practice. But who needs these facts when they are trying to get votes???

I think it all comes down to a lack of empathy and this strange, persistent desire to see things as all black or all white.

The world does not work according to heaven and hell, sin versus repentant, angel or devil.

Not everyone who gets an abortion believes that they are carrying a bundle of cells. Some really feel like they have a living human inside of them, and they are still making the choice for themselves (and sometimes it doesn’t feel so much like a choice as it does a necessity) to terminate the pregnancy. People who get abortions can believe they are going to hell for it, and still do it, because that is what needs to be done for them.

If you force someone like that to keep a baby, what might you be forcing them into? If someone is willing to go to hell for having an abortion, doesn’t it seem like the alternative must be pretty shitty?

And take away all the feelings. If a woman doesn’t want to have a baby, then really, what business of yours is it that she carry it to term?

As a diehard pro-choicer, I don’t even know if I believe the bundle of cells isn’t a human. But I would still rather have access to the abortion because it is a medical procedure, not a moral debate. It saves lives. Taking away access won’t get you into heaven, but it will make someone’s life a whole lot harder.

And this idea that women should then not have sex – as if taking away abortion rights is somehow a punishment for women daring to be sexual human beings (pretending for a moment that rape and incest don’t contribute to the need for abortion, of course) – is the type of regulation Republicans would not impose on banks, the wealthy, or themselves.

Can we all just calm the fuck down already.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is a slippery slope to crazy town. What happens when a woman miscarries? Is she now guilty of feticide? The answer is yes, if you’re in Indiana, like Purvi Patel who is serving 20 years in prison after she induced her own abortion and miscarried. She dumped the fetus in a dumpster. Many different things played a part in this woman’s choices, I’m sure, but it was also apparent she came from a traditional family that did not support sex out of wedlock. Shame breeds shame. Without getting too involved in speculation over her own religion beliefs or the beliefs of her family, it is interesting to wonder that if she had been allowed to be a sexual being, perhaps her story would have turned out differently. Perhaps having the baby wouldn’t have been so bad.

Instead, she’s in jail.

Am I a doomsday conspiracy theorist, intent on the story that all women will end up dying without access to Planned Parenthood services? No. More than likely, women who are already struggling won’t die, but they will have to struggle more. They will have to pay more for services, or skip them altogether. They will be put at risk. And surely, without access to affordable birth control and abortion services, they will have more babies. Who will provide funding for these children?

Definitely not the Republicans. But go ahead – let’s shut down the government again until you get your way. You sound super reasonable.

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