Trump is Not the Only Crazy: How the GOP Incites Violence

A gunman shot twelve people on Friday, November 27th, at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. His spree resulted in the death of three people: a police officer, a mother of two who was there to support a friend, and an Iraq War veteran.

Talk about two things the GOP loves (spoiler alert: the woman doesn’t count). Cops AND veterans. If anyone were to kill them in any other circumstance that shit would be everywhere.

Race baiting ignites war on police!

Veteran shot because (insert someone brown here) hates our freedoms!

But, strangely, I’m not hearing any of that sort of reporting about this issue. Because, well, that was some good ol’ fashioned baby saving.

I’m aware that in my last post I advised that people can fight the war on Christmas by bombing a Planned Parenthood. I don’t know if I need to be more clear that I was being satirical, but just so we all understand, DO NOT BOMB A PLANNED PARENTHOOD. THAT WILL NOT BRING BACK JESUS, or whatever Christmas is supposed to be about. (Presents. It’s about presents, people. This year, I would like money.)

There have been many reactions to this shooting. Planned Parenthood released a statement saying their doors would stay open. Misguided people on Twitter (though that just sounds like everyone on Twitter) made claims that the shooter probably saved more lives than he took that day.

But perhaps the strangest, and least surprising, came from Ted Cruz who, when asked by a reporter if the gunman was reacting to the misinformation perpetuated by GOP hopefuls about Planned Parenthood’s alleged selling of baby parts for profit, disavowed any association with the gunman by stating he was a left-leaning, transgender female.


I’m going to clear up that last bit of crazy for you. Apparently the alleged gunman’s voting registration indicates that he is a female. It could simply be a clerical error given there is no other indication from his life that he identifies as female, but not to Cruz. That registration card trumps all other common sense. No wonder the GOP is so interested in voter IDs and proper registration – that is simply the only way we can know what genitals someone has. If only we could register to vote as babies so that we wouldn’t misgender those hairless, toothless things in front of their parents. If only we could register our pets to vote – then we’d really know whether that cat was a boy or a girl. I seriously hate it when I assume all cats are girls and all dogs are boys. It’s so embarrassing when I find a rogue kitten penis.

And while Ted Cruz might not be the expert we need on the trans community, he doesn’t seem to be an expert on anything at all and that hasn’t stopped him from believing with his whole mind that he would make a good president. This, after he started the month by appearing onstage alongside a pastor who calls for the death of gay people. 

Ted Cruz is not alone in his delusions. While he wants to pretend that he is in no way guilty of perpetuating lies about the healthcare organization to the public, the first GOP debate consisted of nearly three hours of Planned Parenthood hatred. Remember – Planned Parenthood never actually sold baby parts for profit, despite what disproven, highly edited, and biased videos were “leaked” to the public. What the GOP and pro-life propagandists said to you was a lie. But the presidential hopefuls clung to these falsehoods and called for the shut down of the institution, as well as the end of all legal abortions in the country. Carly Fiorina got on her pulpit and demanded that we save women’s lives by shutting down every clinic that provides quality care. In response to the attack on Friday, she called the shooter a protester. A protester? Not even a thug?

She also said that liberal media is attacking pro-lifers. See, when we say that her hateful speech fueled hate in the country, we are perpetuating a liberal bias.

But… that’s exactly what her words did.

When a gunman takes these words and kills people for it, who do we hold responsible? He could have acted out of his sickness, his own desire to spread Jesus’ word (or whatever he might believe is the word of god), or his own violent tendencies. This happens a lot in “movements,” if that’s what you’d like to call the pro-life agenda. When someone attacks a police officer, the media is quick to question the motives of the Black Lives Matter movement, as if their call for responsibility and culpability in policing is asking people to murder cops. But the difference here is that the Black Lives Matter movement is talking about truths in the criminal justice system. They are asking for conversation and for legitimate policing. And while Carly and Ted aren’t asking people to shoot up abortion clinics, they are spreading misinformation and hate speech that directly fuels a group of sociopathic, uneducated idiots who believe they are doing the work of god. The difference here is between rationality and make believe.

In a month that was marked with intense, global violence, I looked at this shooting with some confusion. It felt terrifying and intimidating. After all, what is terrorism, if not the marked aggression towards and killing of innocent people? Granted, some might believe that the women using the services at a Planned Parenthood clinic are far from innocent (they have vaginas, have you heard?), and therefore might garner less pity than those in the streets of Paris and Beirut but, were they deserving of death?

According to the dictionary, a terrorist is somebody who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims. Terrorism, naturally, is then defined as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Hmm. This seems to fit the bill. Sounds like some people incited violence for their own political gain.

Am I calling Carly and Ted terrorists?

No! Of course not! According to the United States, terrorists are all brown and not from here!!!! And also, they did not pull the trigger at that clinic. That guy seems like a real sociopath. His house was full of crosses made out of twigs and he has a history of hurting animals. You know, a real average Joe who gets a kick out of Jesus and torture.

So no. They are not guilty of terrorism. But they are really toeing that “inciting domestic terrorism” line.

In the words of Chuck Todd from Meet the Press on MSNBC, you are running for political office. Your words matter.

A police officer is dead. A veteran is dead. A mom is dead.

But go ahead and save those babies you’re so worried about. Maybe we can raise them in a world where people don’t hate women so much. Unless you win office. And then we’re fucking screwed.

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  1. Pat W.

    I agree with you. I was at all woman party last night where we were talking about the dangerous region this country is approaching due to poor education, non-thinking (read Tea Party, Neo-Nazis and on and on) citizens! Civil rights are being trampled right and left. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Paul, etc.,etc., and so forth have NEVER read the Constitution. If they did, they obviously didn’t understand. I have taught the Constitution with tears in my eyes as I truly believe in civil rights for everyone. Evidently, this is old fashioned and/or we of the same beliefs have to start marching again. I’ve marched before even recently for choice so I am still available.
    Pat, old leftie!

    1. alalanews

      Thanks for your note! Sorry for the late reply. I took a break during this election because I just got too tired with this shit. But I’m back!!

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