What is Alala News?

Great question.

It’s a blog with a heart and a political push. It also has funny things. It’s all my opinion, so maybe you won’t like it and that’s okay. It’s not your blog. You can always make a blog, though, if you feel like I have really offended you. And then maybe we can have competing blogs. Perhaps down the line I will have my little blog and your blog will blow up until you own a chain of blogs and your big blog wants to put my little blog out of business. And then we’ll meet in an internet chat room and become internet pals unbeknownst to the other as the person who is creating so much havoc in one another’s professional lives. We will plan to meet at a little coffee shop and I will have a rose on my table and you’ll realize it’s me and you won’t come in and say hi. I will be hurt. We’ll continue talking online until we decide to meet again. And I will find you in a park and you’ll have a dog and we’ll kiss and I will say “I wanted it to be you.”

That could also just be the entire plot to You’ve Got Mail,¬†America’s greatest cinematic treasure, but I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.

Now that you know what I’m talking about, let’s discuss the name.¬†Alala is a word derived from Greek mythology meaning “the female personification of the war cry.” Pretty badass. It’s strong and feminine and well, by speaking out as a strong female, I am almost inciting some sort of war of words – or at least some decent trolling – which is all I can really hope for here. It also sounds, to the uneducated ear, like something perhaps Middle Eastern, which is bound to freak some people out right away (and I love that). Further, if said in a high pitched way while running at a group of kids, you can almost get away with playing the “indian” to their “cowboys” and perpetuating a very ignorant view of Native Americans.

Let’s do the math.

Greek female war cry


Something that sounds vaguely Muslim


Perpetuating myths of Native Peoples


The most darn’ tootin’ American website you ever saw.

You are all true patriots for being here and I couldn’t be more turned on.

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