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Debates Round 2: What They Should Really Be Talking About

Tonight marks the second Republican debate – this time hosted by CNN – this time still featuring idiots. It makes no difference what station these people appear on, though perhaps there will be less riotous applause from the audience when the contestants (because this is America’s greatest pageant) spew hateful rhetoric. Although, it’s still the republican debate, so I assume the… Read More »

Fox News Forgets! But I Remember…

It all started with Megyn Kelly and her damn period. Wait, that’s not it. It started with a Fox News debate. Start isn’t the right word. There’s nothing new going no here, just fresh stories. The tsunami of bullshit and misdirection has merely continued on as scheduled, though with slightly blonder hair. It all continued, as it will, with Megyn Kelly… Read More »

Obama to Congress: I’m Not The Only One

Obama to Congress: I’m Not The Only One

Obama sure seemed tough at the State of the Union, bragging about the elections he’s won, but now the speech is over and it’s back to business as usual – Congress is back to ignoring him and he’s back to… wandering Central Park in the snow. Here he is singing to Congress, wishing for friends, throwing some balls, and just… Read More »

New Year New Congress That’ll Fuck You

HAPPY NEW YEAR! By now you’ve packed on all the weight that is reasonable (until Valentine’s Day) and you’ve probably attempted a juice cleanse that ended face deep in a bag of chips. (No?) Remember kids, juice cleanses aren’t ridding you of your addiction to food, they are ridding you of food entirely. That dizziness you feel isn’t withdrawal, it’s… Read More »