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Debates Round 2: What They Should Really Be Talking About

Tonight marks the second Republican debate – this time hosted by CNN – this time still featuring idiots. It makes no difference what station these people appear on, though perhaps there will be less riotous applause from the audience when the contestants (because this is America’s greatest pageant) spew hateful rhetoric. Although, it’s still the republican debate, so I assume the… Read More »

Menstrual Hygiene Day and Why it Matters to YOU.

LAAAAAAADIEEEEEEESSSSS! It’s Menstrual Hygiene Day. Do you even know what that is? If you follow me on instagram (@alala_news) or twitter (@alala_news) you will have seen the thousand and one posts I made about it today. You didn’t know it was happening? NEITHER DID I, until I woke up and then jumped on the beautiful hashtag bandwagon (#menstrualhygieneday, #menstruationmatters). And… Read More »

Femmesplaining Episode 2: Birth Control

Femmesplaining Episode 2: Birth Control

The second podcast is finally here. I know you’ve been waiting anxiously, with bated breath, as winter crept over the land and, perhaps, into your soul. I may have arrived later than you expected, but I have returned with some hard hitting truths, ready, at last, to bring you home, to keep you warm, and to light the dark. Did I… Read More »