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Indecision-Ville: 2016 Election

Aren’t we all so tired? It’s April of 2015, the election is a year and a half away, and sometimes I catch myself turning on the news and letting out a long, extended sigh of apathy. And sometimes that sigh of apathy makes me choke and then I cough a lot because I am out of shape. And then I… Read More »

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Religion Edition

In honor of Easter, Pascha, Passover, Holy Week, the rising sun, the solar eclipse, the lunar cycle, menstruation, and Going Clear… I think it’s time we talk about why your religion doesn’t matter. I’m not talking about why religion as a whole does not matter. I’m talking about specifically your religion. Or, perhaps, your interpretation of your religion. And here’s why. We… Read More »

The Daily Show Hires Guy and Not Me

Okay. I get that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified comedians, writers, personalities, and entertainers to take over for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. And I’m just going to go out on a limb here and assume that I wasn’t necessarily a top choice for their short list. I’m not  a stand up comedian. I don’t have a… Read More »

Should Voting be Compulsory?

It’s Monday and the one thing I’m looking forward to today is my impending appointment with a new psychiatrist. So. This week is gonna be great. Just so great. The good thing about psychiatrist appointments is that I will be totally sane and fit to perform my duties as a citizen of the United States. As a side note, I… Read More »

This Month in the GOP: February

This Month in the GOP: February

February is a bitch of a month. Though it holds the least days, the freezing temperatures and back-to-back snowstorms make it feel unending. It is the epitome of the monotony of winter; the holiday lights are down, the new year has passed, the resolutions are forgotten, and I’m just a fat, freezing mess of a woman, refusing to get out… Read More »

SOTU In One Sentence (for the kids!)

SOTU In One Sentence (for the kids!)

Obama came out to a general spattering of applause and apathy to talk about his presidency, while Biden took his seat beaming like the inside of a sunbeam, and Boehner put a tiny tic tac in his mouth, sucking and sucking until his face turned into an asshole button, before Obama got right down and dirty with some shit on… Read More »